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Fitness Matting Guide

You can find several alternatives to gym flooring system for your commercial gym and home gym, Which gym floor mats is the best? Rubber flooring is the ideal solution for your gym. Gym floor matting and gym mats solutions by floor4gym.

Eva foam or Plastic/PVC or Rubber? Which one you have to choose?

Foam mats are the cheapest and fast solution as for your gym as flooring but they are not durable enough like PVC and rubber.

Plastic and PVC based mats are very durable and they are very lightweight, you can use for long terms. Rubber gym flooring materials are also very durable (it is like your automotive tire) and rubber floors are also very flexible.

Rubber gym flooring materials are also used as sports surfaces like as professional athletic tracks. Rubber sports floors are also very strong and heavy duty flooring systems for free weight flooring and weightlifting flooring.

Rubber rolls are also as strong as plastic and PVC floor systems so you can use for long terms.

Vulcanized rubber and recycled rubber are the best impacts of absorbing floor materials.

High-density rubber gym floor mats are resistant to sports shoe spikes.

Antifungal and anti-slip rubber gym floor systems with high impact absorbing effect help to secure gym equipment and reduce sports injuries. You can use rolls and tiles as home gym floor and garage rubber gym mats.

Gym rubber mat systems are also suitable to use as fitness flooring, cardio area flooring, and free weight flooring, see our guide on how to cut rubber gym mats and how to install gym roll flooring, gym floor mats, rubber gym floor matting installation tips.

Recycled rubber flooring tiles are flexible and easy to the application for your self you can read how to cut rubber tiles and how to apply gym floor section and you can decide if you need adhesives or not.

Rubber flooring is easy for cutting and application because of rubbers physical characteristics and production process, Industrial rubber granules have 60 shore hardness degree so it is exactly like an automotive tire (strong, elastic and durable) so you can cut and adjust your gym rubber floor easy and fit by yourself. During the rebuilt process of recycled automotive tire rubber, we use very elastically industrial bonding agents and these agents work at high temperature and high heat. So with the high heat and high temperature recycled rubber granules becomes your new flooring material.

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Recycled Rubber Systems for Sports

You can install rubber gym mats with your self to your gym. You have to care about some points to have a better floor finishing your gym. Recycled rubber floor tiles are made of recycled rubber and recycled gym mats have a tolerance on dimensions 0,8 %.

Rubber floors have a cushion effect (gym cushion flooring) and this helps to avoid injuries of the body during all sports and gym activities, use the advantage of rubber flooring for your all sports and workout exercises area.

You may have confusions when you are going to install your floor for the gym. There are some points that you have to care for flooring installation. Is your gym small then you dream? Then you have to think about to install the gym mats in a symmetric way. By this way, you will have the line between the gym tiles and this straight line will affect your gym seem larger.

You can apply gym rolls flooring with double-sided tapes and adhesives.

Rubber has a lot of advantages because of its durability and elastic form that's why the rubber is the best material for sports floor systems, rubber floor systems have also cushioned the effect on sports flooring.

Rubber flooring is also preferred as Crossfit gym mats because of rubber's high impact protection flooring, Gym floor rolls also have good advantages as rubber matting for your garage gym flooring and home gym.

Cleaning of Gym Floor Mats

Easy Cleaning Purposes; Keeping your rubber floor clean is a big concern. Flatline and Luna tiles are easy to clean because of their anti-porous surfaces. Simply vacuum regularly and go with a mop. Cleaning solutions with Floor4gym. To clean the rubber floor you need PH natural floor cleaning chemicals.

Sound Insulation of Rubber

Rubber flooring materials have sound reduction up to 24 DB, so if you have sound problems in your gym you have to choose the minimum 25 mm thick Flatline tiles or Luna tiles. If you have vibration problems in your gym with heavy weight drops then you have to choose the minimum 30 mm thick tiles. Thick rubber gym mats always have better results on vibration and sound insulation.

Fitness Flooring Design with Colors

Floor4gym series fitness flooring tiles have colors black, blue, grey, terracotta red, dark green, blue flecks, grey flecks and yellow flecks. Any color is suitable to produce over 100 square meter orders.

Types of Rubber Gym Mats Flooring

Tiles/Mats; Rubber gym floor tiles and rubber gym mats even produced from recycled rubber or virgin rubber they are the best flooring materials for the home gym and commercial. You can choose the 50x50 CMS Luna series and 100x100 cms Flatline series. you can choose the thickness from 15 mm to 40 mm, Tiles are produced generally in black but we offer a wide range of color selection, grey, blue, athletic tartan red (brick red) blue flecks and yellow flecks. Floor4gym mats are guaranteed for 2 years.

Rolls; Roll form of rubber flooring is available in thickness 4 mm 6 mm 8 mm and 10 mm. Thickness in 6 mm is ideal for the home gym, 8 mm is suitable for garage and garage gym for CrossFit flooring you can start with 10 mm thickness, Floor4gym rolls are available in black (dynamic series), and yellow flecks, blue flecks and grey flecks (smirna series). Floor4 gym rubber floors in roll forms are guaranteed for 2 years.

Astroturf; Astroturf ready to use an athletic track for the commercial gym, Heavy duty artificial grass for the gym with ready lanes, suitable both for indoor and outdoor usage, Guaranteed for 2 years

Rubber Flooring Types for Different Activities

Functional Training; Functional training helps provide you with the strength, stability, and mobility you need to thrive in your life and sports. You use basic functional movement patterns like pushing, pulling, hinging, squatting, rotating, carrying and gait patterns walking and running every day. Functional fitness floor markings are also available upon request. Choose the best for your functional training gym.

Free Weight; Free weight exercises are generally going parallel with cardio exercises. Free weights used up to 60 kg. Impact rubber floors help to protect your base floor and equipment. So you need a rubber flooring to keep your weights and gym equipment safe and to protect your base floor. Rubber gym floor mats from 15 mm to 40 mm thickness available. Floor4gym tiles have a 1050 kg/m3 density.

Cardio and Strength; Cardio exercises are mainly applied to machines like treadmills. Mainly you don't need weights so you will need a basic but durable floor because all gym machines like treadmills have a vibration. See suitable products for your cardio exercises area and fitness flooring.

Weight Lifting and CrossFit; Weightlifting is a passion always to lift more and games always based on for winners. Weight lifting has different types of deadlift, squat and Olympic weightlifting. So for weightlifting, you have to decide the maximum weights you are going to use. CrossFit is combined exercises sets of weightlifting, cardio, and body exercises. During CrossFit and Weightlifting exercises weights go up to 160-180 kg and kettlebells also used. Choose the suitable product for you. We have the available thickness 25 mm - 30 mm and 40 mm.

Sprint Track; Running on a track is the most popular place for sprint training because the distances are demarcated by lines on the ground, making it easy to keep track of exactly how far you are running. The surface is also good for shock absorption, which is helpful for keeping your joints healthy and free of injury. Choose from our ready to use sprint track floors and gym astroturf.

Martial Arts; Martial arts are body sports for defense and attack also widely used in army educations and training. Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, and Aikido are the most popular martial arts. So for martial arts, you need a very soft floor to avoid injury risk of players.

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Maximum Weight Drop

rubber gym flooring floor4gym

What is Maximum Weight Drop?

Maximum Weight Drop (MWD) is the critical thickness of rubber flooring to keep your equipment and base floor secure

Floor4gym rubber flooring products identified with the MWD thickness, you can choose the thickness of the products related maximum weights to drop.

Maximum Weight Drop depends on the density of the rubber floor

How to Cut?

gym flooring and gym mats floor4gym

Cutting and adjusting rubber is easy then you imagine. There is a proper way of doing it so you won’t damage your material or worse, an injury. Learning how to cut rubber properly can give you a clean cut that won’t leave you with gaps or crooked edges. This way you will end up with mats or rubber sheets which you can connect on your own will fit better.

Some thicker rubbers might be tough and take longer to cut, but using the same procedure will still get the job done. Follow these simple instructions to ensure your gym mats is cut correctly! Let’s see how to cut gym floor tiles.

Utility Knife: A fixed blade works best with a retractable utility knife. Be sure the blades are sharp, not dull, it will make this cutting procedure a lot easier and safer. If you are making repeated cuts, you may want to have blade replacements or a blade sharpener at hand.

Chalk: It’s always best to mark the line with something that can be easily seen and washed off. Mark the line with chalk and wash it off when you’re done. Avoid using more-permanent methods of marking, like pens or sharpies.

Straight Edge: You will need a straight edge to mark up the line and to use for support when cutting rubber. This will allow you to make a clean and straight edge. A yard or meter stick will work fine, preferably one made out of a thin metal material. These are less likely to have inconsistencies.

Gloves: Having a pair of protective gloves is imperative; do not forget the sharp utility knife being used! All employees at rubber product suppliers use gloves constantly and so should you. Follow these steps on how to cut gym mats for a straight cut:

1)Lay the gym mats tile on the ground. Then, using the straight edge, mark the line where you will cut with your chalk until the line is visible and straight.

2)Now, place your straight edge on the cutting mark firmly and use your sharp utility knife to score the line three to four times. Cutting gym floor tiles can take longer for thicker materials so you may need to score it a few more times in those situations.

3)Next, grab the gym mats close to the line where you cut and bend it towards you. The line will break open when you do this.

4)Last but not least, lay the mat back flat on the ground and score the line a few more times working down until the cut is complete. Cutting rubber gym flooring tiles with these instructions give you a well-fitted rubber flooring. You can also read our guide for gym floor mats installation