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You can find several alternatives to flooring system for your commercial gym and home gym.

Foam or Plastic/PVC or Rubber, Which one you have to choose?

Foam mats are the cheapest and fast solution as for your gym as flooring but they are not durable enough.

Plastic and PVC based mats are very durable and they are very lightweight, you can use for long terms.

Rubber flooring materials are also very durable ( it is like your automotive tire) and rubber floors are also very flexible, Rubber flooring materials are also used as sports surfaces like as professional athletic tracks. Rubber sports floors are also very strong and heavy duty flooring systems for free weight flooring and weightlifting flooring.

Rubber rolls are also as strong as plastic and PVC floor systems so you can use for long terms.

Gym Floor Expert Guide; Gym mats and Gym Flooring Application

Rubber flooring systems are also suitable to use as fitness flooring and cardio flooring area.

See our guide how to cut gym tiles flooring and how to install gym roll flooring, gym floor mats, rubber gym matting installation tips.

Recycled rubber flooring tiles are flexible and easy to the application for your self you can read how to cut rubber tiles and how to apply gym floor section and you can decide if you need adhesives or not.

Recycled flooring systems for gym and sports

You can install gym mats by your self to your gym. You have to care about some points to have a better floor finishing of your gym. Recycled rubber floor tiles are made of recycled rubber and recycled gym mats have tolerance on dimensions 0,8 %.

You may have confusions when you are going to install your floor for the gym. There some points that you have to care for flooring installation Is your gym small then you dream? Then you have to think about to install the gym mats in a symmetric way. By this way, you will have the line between the gym tiles and this straight line will effect to your gym seem larger.

You can apply gym rolls flooring with double-sided tapes and adhesives.

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