Tolerance of Dimensions on Recycled Rubber Gym Flooring Mats

dimensions tolerances of rubber gym tiles

All materials in the world have a tolerance on dimensions because of heat. Heat effects on the lengths of the materials. Even thick and hard train rails get longer in the summertime. This tolerance is much bigger in the rubber flooring mats when you compare with other solid materials like steel or wood because of rubbers elastic form.

There is no way to avoid these tolerances on dimensions just you can hide it from the human eye. 

Recycled rubber floor mats have a maximum 0,8% tolerance on dimensions, so if you have 1 mt X 1 mt tiles this means 1000 mm X 1000 mm. 0,8% tolerance makes an 8 mm difference in 1000 mm. So if you buy a rubber mat in 1 mt X 1 mt it may have an 8mm difference on mats.

With these mats, if you are going to make a home gym (let's say 4x5 meters room ) from the beginning of 5 meters side to the end you may have 5 x 8mm = 40mm = 4cm difference. This tolerance (0,8 % ) is the maximum tolerance in rubber flooring market accepted by producers.

As a producer, we fight with rubber to produce in lower dimensions tolerance limits. We frequently measure the dimensions of our products and with automated PLC heating systems of our presses we keep the same heat on the production line and this function helps us to have the same difference tolerance.

flatline gym flooring dimensions tolerance test report

Floor4gym offers maximum 0,3% tolerance on dimensions ( test report 30 july 2020 )

On this page, you will see our actual measurement test reports (this week and last week's reports scans ) and summary results of previous weeks and months.

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Rubber Floor Tiles Application Tips

If your floor has too many differences on dimensions than you can try to apply tiles Asymmetric way, in this way you will hide the gaps from human eyes

floor4gym gym floor application type

But this application way has a disadvantage, your gym will look smaller than usual