How to Choose Best CrossFit Flooring ?

How to Choose Best CrossFit Flooring ?

When you are going to make a new CrossFit gym you will have confusions to choose the correct crossfit flooring. You have to care about your equipment, the equipment is more expensive than the floor but the floor helps to protect your expensive equipment.

So with our experience, we advise you to choose the correct floor regarding your gyms situation and future plans. First, you will check is your gym a basement or a floor, if its a basement it will be easy if it is a floor than you will face sound and vibration problems.

How to Choose Crossfit Flooring Regarding Your Gym, Floor or Basement? 

If you have a basement you can start with 10 mm rubber rolls ( 10mm rolls we advise for home gym Crossfit and garage gym Crossfit - not for commercial ) if it is a floor than you have to start with 20 mm thick rubber tiles

If you have a basement and if you will have a low sized capacity of members ( up to 30 members ) then you can choose 15 mm rubber tiles

If you have a basement and if you plan a medium-sized capacity ( up to 50 members ) than you can choose 20 mm thick rubber tiles

And if you are going to have medium to a high sized capacity gym ( more then 50 members ) you have to choose 25 mm thick rubber flooring tiles

If you have a floor then you can choose your rubber flooring as indicated below

Low sized capacity commercial gym (up to 30 members ) - 20 mm thick

Medium sized capacity commercial gym ( up to 50 members ) - 25 mm thick

Medium to a high sized capacity commercial gym  ( more than 50 members ) - 30 mm thick

How to choose the rubber floor related to the weights? 

You can choose your rubber floor related to weights 

10 mm - max 100 kgs

15 mm - max 140 kgs

20 mm - max 180 kgs

25 mm - max 220 kgs

30 mm - max 250 kgs 

Odor Problem on Rubber Flooring for CrossFit

Odor on rubber flooring mainly comes from the production prosses of rubber, Sulfur which is a chemical and helps rubber to be stronger on chemical production prosses and this problem mainly comes from far east produced rubbers. 

In the U.S. and in Europe there are limits to use Sulfur on production prosses so European and united states origin rubbers floors have less smell then far east products Even with cleaning several times you will the bad sulfur smell.

Our rubber tiles have a mild, natural odor - like rubber balls or like new automotive.

Check the Density of Your Rubber Floor for Crossfit

Ask your supplier about the density of the products that you plan to buy, the strong floor for Crossfit gyms need to have minimum 1000 kg/m3 density 


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