What is the Best Rubber Gym Flooring

What is the Best Rubber Gym Flooring

Why do we choose rubber for gym flooring? Because rubber is the best material ever discovered in the world for all usage of flexible and durable functions. What is the best rubber gym flooring? 

For the gym floor, you have several alternatives, Foam, PCV, Plastic forget all. The best flooring for the gym is rubber. Rubber has a long lasting life, imagine your automotive tire - made from Styrene Butadiene Rubber  - your tires run about 40,000 kilometers and all the year outside, in winter in summer. So we produce Floor4gym products with the same material of automotive tires.
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What Are The Types Of Rubber Gym Flooring?

Floor4gym offers you mainly in 2 types of rubber flooring for the gym.
A- Rubber Gym Floor Rolls: Rubber flooring rolls are in roll form also called gym carpet., Rubber flooring rolls for the gym has the thickness alternatives 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm, if you need a thickness more then 10mm than you have to choose rubber gym flooring tiles
B- Rubber Gym Floor Tiles: Rubber flooring tiles are in 50 cms X 50 cms and 1 m X 1 m format and also called rubber gym mats, Available thicknesses are 15mm, 20mm, 25mm,30mm and 40 mm.

What Are The Advantages Of Rubber Floor Mats for Gym?

Rubber floor mats for gym in 1m x 1m  has the advantage of weight, the mats are heavy so you don't need to glue down and it is not only in black color, most of the rubber gym floor mats in the market are black but we offer also colors like blue, grey, athletic tartan red, grey flecks, and yellow flecks.
Rubber floor mats for the gym has also the advantage of easy application, you can make application of the mats by your self, just lay down the mats in order to make a straight line. To cut and adjust the rubber mats is very easy, you can cut with a utility knife and adjust your floor for the corners.

Rubber Gym Flooring For Different Gym Activities

We offer a wide range of rubber flooring for the gym, you can choose the suitable product for gym regarding your activity, Floor4gym offers rubber flooring for Free Weight Flooring, Functional Training Flooring, Cardio and Strenght Flooring, Crossfit Flooring and Weightlifting Flooring.
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Best Rubber Gym Flooring For Home 

For the home gym, if you are not going to use so heavyweights we advise you to choose 6mm thickness rubber flooring rolls or if you are going to have heavyweights we advise you 15 mm thick rubber flooring tiles, both products are easy for application for the home gym floor.

Rubber Gym Flooring UK and Europe Free Shipping

We offer to the UK and EU countries free shipping on rubber gym flooring products with Floor4gym brand.
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