Best Way to Clean Gym Floor Mats

Best Way to Clean Gym Floor Mats

If you own a commercial gym, you should provide clean and hygienic gym areas for your members.

All the day equipment in the gym several people touch them with sweaty hands and together with the dust in the air your equipment starts to be dirty. For all there reasons and with the shoes your floor has more dirt than the equipment.
So as a gym manager ( or a gym owner ) you have to care about your floor cleaning more than the equipment.
How the rubber floor becomes dirty? 
Rubber floors generally have porous on their surfaces and time by time all the dirt which comes by shoes and the dust on the air fills these holes and it becomes more difficult to make the cleaning.

How Can I Keep Clean my Gym Floor

best way to clean gym floor mats

The first and the best way is to make a regular cleaning daily and to make a daily cleaning means time and money.
So we improved ANTİ POROUS surfaces for recycled gym floor mats. Anti Porous gym flooring mats have 99% closed surface so the dirt stays on the surface and cleaning will be easier than ever. With industrial cleaning machines or with a mop you can finish the cleaning work very easy. 

Which Materials I Need to Clean my Gym Floor

So with a mop, water, and some liquid soap ( try to find a PH neutral floor cleaning chemicals - PH rate 6,5 - 7,5 ) also this cleaning will help you keep your rubber floor shiny. 
We offer you anti porous surfaces easy cleaning gym rubber floor mats, Our Luna Series gym mats and Flatline Series gym flooring tiles are produced with anti-porous surface technology. 
If you have problems to clean your gym floor try our new technology. 

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