Gym Floor Mats - How to Choose?

Gym Floor Mats - How to Choose?

When you read about gym floor mats first you will notice that mats are in mainly 2 types. Tiles and roll forms .


Rolls as gym mats are generally available in 10 meters length or custom cut lengths. You can cut and adjust the rubber rolls to your commercial gym or home gym by your self. It is not difficult. You can do it very easy with a utility knife. But always you have to be careful not hurt yourself.

You can mark the area that you are going to cut with a pen or with a chalk and then you can cut in s straight way.


Tiles are the second form of gym floor mats. Tiles are available in 50x50 CMS and 1 Mt X 1 Mt. Tiles and rolls are generally produces from same rubber compounds.

You can cut adjust tiles also very easy with the same way (with a utility knife )

You can choose gym floor mats for your home gym, garage gym and commercial gym.

Floor4gym offers you a wide range of gym floor mat simply click product type selection menu and choose rolls as gym mats or tiles.

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