Garage Gym Flooring - How to Choose?

Garage Gym Flooring - How to Choose?

You decide to prepare your garage as your new gym, Cool idea and you have plans in your mind which gym equipment you want. Probably you have already chosen some barbels and some weightlifting equipment. And now you need garage gym flooring

Now you need a floor to protect your equipment and your existing floor ( if you have a nice ceramic or wood floor you don't want to damage the floor )

Here are the tips;

1- Check the maximum weight that you are going to have because rubber floors have different densities and different thicknesses.

You can use the table below to choose the correct thickness for you

Up to 40 KGS - minimum 6 mm thickness

Up to 60 KGS - minimum 8 mm thickness

UP to 100 KGS - minimum 10 mm thickness

Up to 140 KGS - minimum 15 mm thickness

UP to 180 KGS - minimum 20 mm thickness

Up to 220 KGS - minimum 25 mm thickness

2- Now you have to check the alternative products from the internet and forums, the ideal density for garage gym flooring has to be minimum 900 kgs/m3 density more density you will have better results.

3- try to choose a nice quality with the competitive price :) save your pocket

4- you can apply the rubber floor by yourself no need to pay to a professional for application, if you buy interlocking tiles they are very easy for application but beware of EVA mats because they have very short lifetime against heavyweight drops

5- rubber flooring tiles and rolls you can cut and adjust very easy by yourself just be careful not cıt your hand becaıuse you will need a utility knife

6- there are 2 types of rubber floor in the market virgin rubber and recycled rubber, they are mainly the same ( made from rubber ) but virgin rubber is generally more expensive than recycled rubber flooring materials and both of them have the same lifetime.

7- cleaning of garage gym flooring is easy only you have to care to use PH natural cleaning materials (any PH neutral liquid soap will be ok) PH values changes between 1 to 14, any product that you are going to use 7-8 values will be ok. mix some liquid soap to the water and mop it. this is enough for cleaning. And if you use clean shoes every time then you will spend less time and energy on cleaning your garage gym flooring.

Finally, train well and keep your body in form for a long life

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