How to Choose Playground Flooring?

How to Choose Playground Flooring?

When you are going to build a playground for children you have to care about safety on playground equipment and floor.

Playground rubber floors are designed to keep children safe if they fall down from the equipment.

These standards are indicated with ISO EN 1177

Playground rubber flooring tiles are made from recycled rubber. You can use also rubber flooring tiles in your garden and terrace as safety flooring.

Rubber playground tiles thickness is available from 20 mm to 50 mm.

Same tiles are also used as safety flooring for horses and animals in higher densities.

Safe Playground Flooring, Is it Healthy?

During the production, we use only clean rubber granules which are free of metal and water-based polyurethane bonding agents.

There are concerns on the polyurethane bonding agents that they are cancerous. But all European products have limited heavy metals and carcinogenic components.

Application of rubber flooring tile is also easy. You can prefer pin connection system to make your installation very easy. Application over concrete with adhesives also possible but this application has to be done by a professional.

You have to choose the playground floor thickness related to the height of the playground equipment. Floor thickness is not related to the age group of children.

If the height of the playground equipment is more then 90 CMS then you can choose 20 mm thick tiles. 20 mm thick tiles have the certification of HIC (Critical Fall Height) by ISO EN 1177

More playground flooring option you can see on the rubber flooring categories

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