Recycled gym flooring rolls? Is it safe?

Recycled gym flooring rolls? Is it safe?

Recycled gym flooring rolls are generally made from SBR rubber. SBR ( Styrene Butadiene Rubber ) is an alternative to natural rubber which is mainly developed for the automotive industry. It is the main raw material of automotive tires.

Recycled Rubber Flooring for Gym

So if you have rubber gym floor rolls made from SBR rubber it means; it is strong as your automotive tire (can you imagine how strong is an automotive tire – all the year waiting outside, rain, snow, sun ….. all the dirt on the roads and speed). Strong and flexible; this is what you need for your gym floor.

Recycling of old tires are very important, if we don’t recycle can you imagine that everywhere even every corner will be full of old tires. There are billions of automobiles, trucks, and motorbikes, they are everywhere. So the best way to save our Earth is recycling. Recycled rubber is cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Recycled gym flooring rolls have also anti-slip surface so you can use as rubber mats for everywhere you need.

There are virgin rubber gym floorings in the market but virgin rubber floorings are very expensive than recycled gym floor rolls. Recycled gym flooring rolls are safe even if they produced from recycling or virgin SBR rubber. Recycled SBR rubber gym floor rolls are generally in black color ( like your automotive tire) and black only itself is not a designable color.

People who go to a gym they want to see some colorful design of gym floorings. Because of the design of the gym attracts people. So we make the design for your gym floor.

EPDM rubber, this is the answer ( Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer). EPDM rubber has more or less the same physical and chemical characteristics of SBR rubber on flooring issue. But EPDM has more color alternatives. It is not only black and it is not recycled, it is virgin and also expensive.

So we add EPDM granules when we produce rubber gym floor rolls and we have more designable gym floors now.

Can you imagine an orange automotive tire or a bright purple, it may be nice for your Mini Cooper. When we produce gym flooring rolls we add 20 % of EPDM granules to our formulation. Now it is your turn you can choose your color and we will prepare it for you. Your gym flooring will be unique.

And we can also offer gym design paintings over gym floor mats with elastic polyurethane based sports flooring paints.

This flooring work we made in the UK for a gym in London. We used 20 % EPDM granules in blue color ( with black SBR it looks very nice ) and we applied painting design with bright yellow color special polyurethane based elastic sports flooring paint.

You can choose design painting color from Ral Color chart.

Send us an e-mail ( [email protected] ) regarding your design idea for your gm flooring and we will make an offer for you.

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