Rubber Matting Roll Guide

Rubber Matting Roll Guide

Rubber mating roll is used for several purposes of flooring. You can use rubber mat rolls for covering large areas for production and storage areas.

Rubber flooring mats have electrical insulation advantage and shock absorbing. 
You can use in the corridors of industrial production and storage areas and as an underlayer to the machines which has vibration and as gym flooring.

How Can I Apply the Rolls?

The application is easy rolls have 1,20 meters wide you can lay down the rolls very easy and if you want to adjust for a corner it is easy to cut with a utility knife.

Do I Need a Glue To Fix The Rolls?

We always advise to fix the rolls to the floor with a glue but if you don't have enough budget and if you don't have a high traffic then you can use without fixing.

How Long is the Life Time?

Rubber mat rolls are guaranteed for 3 years if you have high traffic we advice to choose 6mm or 8mm thick if you have a light traffic then you can choose 4 mm thick.

Can I Use it For Outdoor?

Yes, you can rubber mat rolls for outdoor but for outdoor applications, we always advise to fix to the base floor.
Rubber mats rolls are also suitable as home  gym flooring and commercial gym flooring mats

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