Rubber Flooring? Which One is The Best?

Rubber Flooring? Which One is The Best?
Why do we use rubber in several places and also as flooring?
Because rubber has very good properties as shock absorbing, flexibility, sound insulation, anti-slip surfaces, and long lasting life. Rubber start to enter our life with Boyd Dunlop He was the one who uses rubber first time as a bicycle tire. 
After year rubber now is used in several sectors, Here will go on rubber's advantages and usages areas as the flooring material.

Rubber Flooring for Gym

Rubber flooring used everywhere as gym flooring because of its high shock absorption and flexibility, For gym and fitness you can choose tiles or roll form of rubber flooring.

Rubber Tiles 

We offer high-density rubber floor tiles in 50x50 cms dimensions and 100x100 cm dimensions, available thicknesses are 15mm 20mm 25mm 30mm and 40mm, we also offer colored rubber flooring tiles.

Rubber Floor Rolls

Rubber rolls have 1,25 meters wide and in different thicknesses for different usages, the Available thickness in 4mm 6mm 8mm and 10mm

Rubber floor rolls are suitable to use as garage flooring and garage gym flooring. 

Rubber Playground Mats

Rubber is widely used as flooring for playgrounds becaıuse of high shock absorbing effect. Rubber playground mats have the criteria called Critical Fall Height. CFH indicates the height of the playground highest location if the child falls down which will save the child's safety of head, Rubber is the best material to meet these criteria. 

Playground rubber flooring has various color, dimensions, and thickness alternatives.

Outdoor Rubber Flooring 

Rubber is again also the best material for outdoor safety areas like playgrounds and pool sides, Outdoor rubber flooring has the water drainage because of the holes on their surfaces, water can go inside the rubber flooring tiles and the surface always will be dry.

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