Sled Track Gym 15MT MP8000


Available Colors: Blue, Green, Track Red

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Mp8000 sled track gym flooring is suited to indoor gyms for functional training such as push sled, running, barbell, slam ball etc. Prowler gym track is designed as indoor gym turf and suitable for heavy duty exercises. Indoor gym turf can stand up to 250 kgs prowler push exercises.

Sled Track Gym Floor

Astro Turf is a top-quality gym floor option specifically designed for commercial applications. It has been manufactured to the highest standards using our unique weaving pattern that ensures the turf stays in a fully upright position

Sled track gym can be laid on the concrete surface can be used together with gym flooring tiles, no visible gaps between the two combined surfaces.

Mp 8000 prowler gym turf track is available in width of 2m, and a length of 15m.

Indoor astroturf track comes ready to be used with two lanes ( lanes are not painted )

It is guaranteed for 3 years.

Indoor Gym Turf Heavy Duty Prowler Gym Exercises

It is suitable for outdoor use because it has UV treatment. Astroturf speed track Mp8000 is an ideal solution for a floor for functional training (drag, medicine ball exercises, etc.).

It can be placed on concrete next to gym tiles of 20mm thickness since its thickness is 20 mm and there is no difference in height between them.

Astroturf Multypower 8000 is available in rolls 2 meters wide and 15 meters long. Simply choose the desired color in the selection bar. Prowler gym turf is UV treated and stabilized, making it both suited for indoor and outdoor use as the color will remain vibrant. This ensures it is a durable feature for functional training including all sled work.

Due to the high standard of our products, there will be no visible gaps or steps between the two combined surfaces, creating a professional and safe finish.

The available colors are track red, green and blue. All colors have white lines

More Information
SKU EU8000MP-15
Brand Floor4Play
Thickness(mm) 20
Length x Widht 2 x 15 meters
Weight 95.0000
Sqm 30
Color Black
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