Playground Rubber Flooring

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Eldi series playground rubber flooring tiles help to protect the safety of children if they fall down from playground equipment. Playground flooring tiles are made from recycled rubber ( recycling of used automotive and truck tires ) 

Playground rubber flooring tiles Eldi series have 50cms  x 50cms dimensions, 20mm thickness you have 0,8 meters Critical Fall Height which is tested regarding to EN1177 norms. 
Eldi series playground tiles have red ( classic brick red ), dark green and black color options.

Is it Safe for Children? 

Yes, playground rubber flooring tiles are safe they don't have any heavy metals and we use low VOC bonding agents during the production presses.

Can I Apply the Tiles by Myself?

Yes, you can make application by yourself, Eldi playground tiles are easy to cut and adjust with a utility knife,  for 20mm tiles we advise to apply on a concrete surface and to fix with flexible adhesives polyurethane based.
Playground tiles have a water drainage system so when you make applications for playgrounds you have to care about the leveling of your base floor. You will need some degrees of angels for water to go. 
More Information
Brand Floor4Play
Thickness(mm) 20mm
Length x Widht 50x50 cm
Weight 4.5000
Sqm N/A
Color Black, Track Red, Green
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