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Floor Information

Floor information category posts will help you to understand flooring terminology and help you to choose correct products for your gym.

  • What is The Best Crossfit Flooring?
    What is The Best Crossfit Flooring?
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    When you are going to make a new CrossFit gym you will have confusions to choose the correct CrossFit flooring. You have to care about your equipment, the equipment is more expensive than the floor but the floor helps to protect your expensive equipment. So with our experience, we advise you to choose the correct floor regarding your gyms situation and future plans. First, you will check is your area a basement or a floor, if its a basement it will be easy if it is a floor than you will face...

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  • What Is The Best Gym Flooring?
    What Is The Best Gym Flooring?
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    Sure it is Rubber. Why do we use rubber in several places and also as flooring? Because it has very good properties as shock-absorbing, flexibility, sound insulation, anti-slip surfaces, and long-lasting life. Rubber start to enter our life with Boyd Dunlop He was the one who uses rubber first time as a bicycle tire. After years now it is used in several sectors, Here we will go on advantages and usages areas as the flooring material.

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