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What Is The Best Gym Flooring?

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Gym Flooring

Rubber flooring used everywhere as gym flooring because of its high shock absorption and flexibility, For gym and fitness you can choose tiles or roll form of rubber flooring. There are generally 2 types of rubber gym flooring in the market.

A- Recycled Rubber flooring; Recycled rubber flooring made from the recycling of automotive and truck tires. Recycled rubber flooring materials are strong and durable and help us to save our environment. 

B- Virgin Rubber Flooring; Virgin rubber floors are made from new synthetic rubber (like an automotive tire) because of this when you compare with recycled rubber flooring virgin rubber floors are more expensive.

Rubber Flooring Tiles 

Floor4gym offers high-density (1050 kg/m3) recycled rubber floor tiles in 50x50 cms dimensions and 100x100 cm dimensions, available thicknesses are 15mm 20mm 25mm 30mm and 40mm with various color alternatives.

Rubber Flooring Rolls

Floor4gym Smirna and Dynamic series rubber rolls are available in 4mm 6mm 8mm 10mm and 12mm thickness with colors flecks, Color designs will help you to design your gym floor with your gym concept.

Sound Insulation of Rubber Gym Flooring

Floor4gym rubber flooring rolls and tiles have sound insulation effect up to 24 DB so with the correct product you can have weight lifting (minimum 200 kgs) and downstairs your neighbors will not feel any noise and vibration.

Shock Absorbing Effect

Rubber Flooring has a very high shock-absorbing effect because of this rubber is mainly used to produce automotive tires, the same effect will help you to save your base floor and equipment against damages.

Read about Floor4gym Maximum Weight Drop Criteria to choose the correct thickness for your gym to save your equipment.

Anti Slip Surfaces

Rubber floors have anti-slip surfaces so this effect will help you to reduce the sports injuries which cause of slippery surfaces.

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