Gym Flooring Colors

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Gym Desing Colors

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Flatline color series 15mm is large rubber mats and suitable to use as gym flooring colors for gym design.

Flatline gym flooring tiles have the dimensions 100X100 cms as large rubber mats. High-density and heavy enough so you don’t need adhesives to fix them. But have a better result we always advise to fix gym floor mats with adhesives.

Gym flooring color mats have 100 x 100 cm dimensions. Flatline large rubber mats thickness is 15 mm and suitable to use for cardio and strength area flooring, free weight area floor and functional training floor.

Large Rubber Mats, Do They Have Smell?

With our new technology, we have a special surface that has very low porous on the surface and easy for cleaning. Large rubber mats don’t have any bad smell.

If you need more color options for your gym and rubber gym floor design offer like polyurethane resin flooring and athletic tartan indoor applications please contact us.

If you couldn’t choose the correct product and thickness for your gym floor mats please visit our product categories.

Are the Colors Durable?

Large rubber mats are guaranteed for 2 years against cracking and color defects. For indoor gym and fitness, usage colors are durable

Gym flooring colors are grey, blue, track red, grey flecks, and yellow flecks.

Please note that there may be a 10% color tone difference between product and product image. 

How Do We Clean Color Gym Tiles

Cleaning has to be dome with neutral (PH 6,5-7,5) liquid soaps, just add some liquid soap to the water and mop it.


Whats is the best mat for doing HIIT cardio and weights on paving in the garden? Just want to take the pressure off knees etc.


We advise 20mm Flatline series gym floor mats, suitable up to 140 kgs weights and soft enough to protect your body.

Be sure for the outdoor applications like garden or terrace you need a water drainage system if your outdoor area over paving or concrete is not flat and if there is standing water then the rubber tiles may defect sooner than guaranteed time. 


I'm looking to fit out my double garage with flooring, suitable for heavyweight training.

What thickness is recommended for gym floor mats? Do you need adhesive to install your tiles?

I'm a little concerned with non-interlocking mates and having corners turn up etc


You can choose 20mm thick tiles, 20 mm tiles are recommended up 140 kgs weight training

If you are going to install the tiles from wall to wall ( if they tiles touch each other ) you won't need glue down ( for home and garage gym we don't advise using glue ) You may need to glue down only for the entrance part.

Corners turn up and any problems like this may happen if you use foam tiles or low-density rubber tiles ( 700 - 750 kgs /m3  ) our rubber tiles have the density 1000- 1050 kgs/m3. they are strong enough.

Outdoor Usage of Rubber

All our products are suitable to use outdoor, the only point you have to care about leveling of the base floor. You need a flat surface and your base floor need to have a water drainage system otherwise water will always stay on the rubber tiles.

How to Apply Rubber Floors Over Under Heated Floors

You can apply rubber tiles (Flatline and Luna series) over-under heated floors to avoid any risk to broke your under  heating system you always have to prefer thick mats (minimum 30mm thickness)

Odour Problem of exercise mats, Does it Smell?

During production, we use odorless chemicals so the smell that you are going to feel will be like a brand new automotive. After a few weeks, you won't feel any more smell. You can use even unventilated areas.

Is it Difficult to Carry? Are They Heavy?

Smirna and dynamic series rolls are heavy we always advise carrying with 2 persons (average weight of rolls are about 70 kgs). Smirna and dynamic series has the advantage of covering large areas very easy. Flatline and Luna series tiles are suitable to carry by yourself (max. product weight is 36 kgs).

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