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Flatline 20mm Gym Flooring Mats


Expected delivery date : 24/07/2020

Flatline 20mm gym flooring is the ideal rubber gym flooring and suitable to use as commercial gym flooring.

What is the Rubber Gym Flooring

It is one of the most popular rubber tiles on the commercial gym flooring market today. Flatline 20mm gym flooring black series provide for optimum durability, shock absorption and sound insulation against any similar products. Made from recycled, non-toxic and low VOC polyurethane bonding raw materials. So it is safe to use. 

Easy to Install Rubber Gym Mats

Flatline black rubber gym flooring tiles have the dimensions 100X100 cms. Each tile is 1 sqm = 10,75 sq ft. High-density (heavy duty) and heavy enough so you don't need adhesives to fix them. But have a better result we always advise to fix gym floor mats with adhesives. Flatline commercial gym floor tiles are easy to cut with a utility knife.

Suitable as Commercial Rubber Gym Mats

Rubber gym mats have 100 x 100 cm dimensions. Thickness is 20 mm and suitable to use for free weight area floor and weightlifting flooring and Crossfit gym flooring.

Healthy and Environment-Friendly

Flatline rubber gym floor tiles is an environmentally friendly floor covering. Because of recycling and rebuilt production made from non-toxic and low VOC polyurethane bonding raw materials. There are no contaminations like metals, stones, other plastic materials so it is safe for skin touch. Flatline series 20mm is metal-free commercial gym flooring tiles.

Anti Porous Surface

With our new technology, we have a special surface which is 100 % flat and anti-porous. Anti porous surface technology has the advantage of easy cleaning and more softness than classic rubber tiles.

Floor4gym brand gym floor tiles are guaranteed for 2 years against cracking and color defects.

Data sheet

92% SBR rubber + 8% PU adhesive
Gym activitiy
Free Weight / Cardio & Strength / Weight Lifting & Crossfit
Maximum weight drop
max. 140 KG
100cm x 100cm
Bulk density
1050 KG/M3
Guarantee Duration
2 Years

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Ideal Mats

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The mats are ideal for what I require them for, Gym flooring, the ordering was easy and prompt with the situation we are in, and the customer service was very good, a company and service I would highly recommend, Thanks

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Really good mats

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Really good solid mats delivered very efficiently given the logistical challenges of COVID-19

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Great product!

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Brilliant gym flooring, will definitely be buying more in future to fit out my garage!!

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